Stormy Creek Labrador Retrievers

Rest in Peace
SR Diamond's Fancy That JH WCX CGC TDI CC
February 26, 1996 - August 19, 2009


A beautiful yellow Labrador Retriever, Fancy was born February 26, 1996. She loved to retrieve balls, frisbees, training dummies and just about anything you would throw for her to retreive. An early hock injury curtailed her advanced retriever training, but non the less Fancy was a terrific duck dog. A good marker with an excellent water attitude, she used ANY excuse to jump in the water, rain or shine - hot or cold. When the work was done and it was time to play, take her to any pond with a few frogs and she'd spend hours running the bank, chasing frogs in the water and diving in after them - Never did catch one, but typical Lab that she was, she never got discouraged J

She loved it when people came to visit, so thanks for stopping by ... and God Bless

Tj and Fancy at playFancy playing keep away from Tj
Tj and Fancy visit SantaWhat's Christmas without a visit to Santa
Fancy being silly for the cameraSometimes ya gotta be silly
Shelby's momFancy's mom and uncles and some breeder info
Tj & Fancy - Junior HuntersTj and Fancy earn their Junior Hunter titles
Fancy earns her NAHRA Started TitleA NAHRA Started Title in 4 straight passes


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